Artist's Statement

My painting has evolved from early roots in Abstract Expressionism and Action Painting to a way of painting that is systemic, grid based, and focuses on painting as a construction moving outward into the space.  The way I work, the process and language that I have developed over many years, provide, for me, a stimulating and sometimes surprising outcome that contributes to the handmade quality and uniqueness of my work.

 My goal in each work is to create a painting that has a strong physical presence as it projects and asserts itself off the wall.  This is achieved by the physicality of the surface, the building up of layers, the opaque and metallic color, the composition, pattern, scale and optical vibration, all of which are a part of an energy that is manifest in my work. 

 The underlying structure of the grid has defined the parameters of my painting since the mid 1970’s.   I have used acrylic paint, the properties of which allow me to work in layers.  The layers pile up and, selectively, with the use of tape, I block specific elements as I build new layers. When the tape is removed, layers below are revealed. There is always an aspect that is unanticipated.

 The paintings address formal issues; combinations of similar and varying elements within specific compositional structures. They are constructions, not descriptions. Predominantly, the diamond shape has become the means by which I establish the anchor of each new work. The unique surface which I achieve is rich with color and texture and often appears to be carved.   Additionally, there is an optical effect--a sense of movement or vibration, which can change in different light, adding to the unique visual quality of my work.